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Posted by on Mar 26, 2013 in Pregnancy |

Pregnancy: Week 37

Pregnancy: Week 37

My last few days of work…finally. When I was pregnant with Little Man I finished work when I was 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant, and I felt every minute of that final week of work. So much so that I swore if I ever had another baby, I would finish work sooner. Especially when he arrived less than a week later, leaving me feeling I had had no time off to rest up before his entry into the world.

But somehow I managed to convince myself that it would be different this time around, I think because I felt so good during the second trimester of this pregnancy. And of course that’s when I filled out the forms to indicate when I would start maternity leave. So I committed to working until the day before I turned 38 weeks pregnant this time. And re-learned the joys of third trimester tiredness in the process. My final day if work was a Wednesday, and despite working only three days that week, I felt it was such a long week. I was so glad to leave the office that afternoon knowing I wouldn’t be facing my commute any more.

37 weeks pregnant wasn’t all work and no play however. Over the weekend, Charlie took Little Man off for the day, to give me Saturday to myself. I booked myself a little treat in the form of a pedicure and spent the afternoon having my feet pampered. It’s funny because I used to hate having anyone near my feet. But when you’re heavily pregnant and putting on your own socks becomes a test of your gymnastic abilities, having someone else paint your toenails becomes an extraordinary luxury! I highly recommend it as a late pregnancy treat.

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