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Posted by on Mar 13, 2013 in Pregnancy | 2 comments

Pregnancy: Week 35

Pregnancy: Week 35

I finished work today and I’ll be 38 weeks tomorrow so it’s time to catch up on publishing these pregnancy posts before baby gets here!

Ah the discomfort of the final weeks of pregnancy. How did I forget about it? It takes planning and forethought to get myself up off the couch. I’m developing a definite waddle as well. Not that surprising I guess since at my maternity appointment last week the midwife mentioned that the baby’s head is starting to engage.

I couldn’t go to yoga this week because I had something else on the night I’d normally have my class. I definitely missed it. It’s only when I don’t get to go that I realise how much yoga is helping me to ease out my aches and pains mid-week. I’ve been trying to remember to do some of the poses and stretches in the evening time before bed, but I don’t always think of it until I’m already snuggled beneath the duvet.

I’ve also taken to doing shots of Gaviscon before bed. Yum. 🙁 I don’t know if it’s the position of this baby (her back is to my right side) or if the old wives tale is true and she has a big mop of hair – but I’ve never experienced heartburn like it before. I thought I had heartburn when I was pregnant with Little Man but I know now that what I experienced then wasn’t really heartburn. It was mild discomfort. This time around I’ve got proper heartburn. Or acid reflux. My throat feels raw from it at times and I think it’s giving me a bit of a cough. Definitely one aspect of pregnancy that I won’t miss.

Still though – can’t complain too much. The end is in sight. And I’m crazy busy at work so I know these last few weeks are going to fly by.

Find my complete pregnancy journal here.


  1. Oh the excitement! I thought I was dying of heartburn with both of mine but never heard that about the mop of hair until the second was born…maybe there’s something in it, they both had loads of hair. I still can’t look at a bottle of Gaviscon. Best of luck…can’t wait to hear the good news and that you’ve called her Joanna!

    • I remember looking it up last time around Joanna and being surprised to discover that apparently the link between a big mop of hair when the baby is born and heartburn suffered during pregnancy isn’t just an old wives tale. Apparently it has some basis in fact. Don’t ask me why though. I have no idea!

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