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Posted by on Mar 9, 2013 in Pregnancy | 1 comment

Pregnancy: Week 34

Pregnancy: Week 34

Still behind with these posts! I’m just turning 37 weeks as I write this. Maybe once I start maternity leave next week I’ll finally catch up!

This was a great week. I was at home with my parents for the week, and it was so nice to have someone else do the cooking and have so many people on hand to entertain Little Man. I caught up on sleep and really feel like I recharged my batteries to get me through the remaining weeks at work.

The day I turned 34 weeks pregnant was a very special day. It was Valentine’s Day, but that’s not why it was so special. My brother’s wedding was that day. Given that it was mid-February, we weren’t expecting much weather-wise, but we woke that morning to beautiful sunshine and rainbows. And that set the tone for the day. I wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy it considering how very pregnant I was, but I loved it. And Little Man loved it even more. He surprised me with how well he played his role of Page boy, skipping up the aisle of the church, smiling at everyone. For the rest of the day, he proudly told everyone who asked (and several people who didn’t) “I am the page boy!”

And the wedding wasn’t the last of our family celebrations that week. We had an after party the following night, and then my little nephew’s christening the day after that.

I must admit that despite all the extra sleep that I’d managed to sneak in during the week, by the time I returned to work on Monday, I felt like I could do with another week off. If only! 🙂

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