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Posted by on Mar 6, 2013 in Love, Pregnancy |

Pregnancy: Week 33

Pregnancy: Week 33

I’m slowly catching up on these posts. Technically I’m 36 weeks pregnant right now. But better late than never right?

Being 33 weeks pregnant, I really feel like the weeks are flying in. This was a very special week – not because of the pregnancy but because of some family events this week.

My brother and his wife arrived home from abroad with their very own little man – my first nephew. Just 8 weeks old and absolutely adorable. Oh for more cuddle time with him!

I think the eight week point is very special. Or at least it was with Little Man. Smiles and giggles started to make more regular appearances. I looked at him one morning and realised that already he didn’t look like a newborn.

It was great to have the chance to see my nephew at the same stage. Little Man and I spent the week with my parents. I took advantage of any offers of childcare and assistance that came my way and tried to rest up as much as possible. We had a family wedding to plan and prepare for, and I was determined to have enough energy to enjoy the day!

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