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Posted by on Jan 30, 2013 in Pregnancy | 5 comments

Pregnancy: Week 29

Pregnancy: Week 29


Well if I wasn’t sure before that baby was growing like crazy, comparing my bump photo from this week to the one I took when I was 25 weeks pregnant would have definitely convinced me. That is quite a difference. It’s no wonder I have been barely able to keep my eyes open. Clearly there has been a lot happening.

I haven’t actually been sleeping as well this week. I think baby was transverse for a few days and I was really uncomfortable as a result. It didn’t matter how many pillows I settled around myself in bed, I just couldn’t get comfy. I finally discovered that I was more comfortable on my right hand side than on the recommended left side, but then for some unknown reason I took a notion to google sleeping on your right hand side during pregnancy. What did I find only a Daily Mail article warning me that women who sleep on their right hand side during pregnancy run a higher risk of stillbirth than those who sleep on their left. Great. There goes that good night’s sleep. Thank you the Daily Mail, where every page is equal parts horror, judgment, and guilt trip when it comes to your parenting articles.

Incidentally I didn’t find any other sources to support this claim from the Daily Mail, so I’m ignoring it for now, and switching between my right and left sides throughout the night. (I don’t have much choice – if I stay on the one side for the whole night, my hip gets numb on that side and I end up walking lop-sided the next morning!)

When I haven’t been sleeping, I’ve been eating, which is the other thing supporting my baby growth spurt theory. Sweet things taste delicious, and I could happily polish off a box of choccies, though I try not to. But the best food of all this time around is eggs. Yum yum. I’ve always liked eggs, but for this entire pregnancy, they have tasted divine. Given the choice between scrambled eggs on toast or the aforementioned box of choccies, the eggs would win out. I’ll be curious to see if the taste sensation lasts after baby is born. Likewise for the complete aversion to broccoli. It’s quite annoying. It was always one of my favourite vegetables and it’s a regular on our dinner plates, but even now, months after I last felt any first trimester nausea, I still can’t eat it. It tastes metallic and bitter to me.

Other than my altered taste palette and my less than refreshing sleep, everything has been more or less normal this week.

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  1. Love the photo update! Please do not take health/any advice from The Daily Mail!!!!

    • Haha! I know Joanna right? Of course it would be them with the horror story!

      • I know what I’m talking about…..I am a serial self-diagnoser via Google and Google is always wrong!

  2. Daily Mail: HAHAHAHA!

    • Yup – they’re unreal aren’t they Sara?

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