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Posted by on Dec 29, 2012 in Pregnancy | 4 comments

Pregnancy: Week 25

Pregnancy: Week 25


25 weeks and counting

I finally feel like the bump is starting to expand this week. I can definitely see a difference between my bump picture taken at the beginning of this week, and the one I took two weeks ago when I was 23 weeks pregnant.

I’m noticing a difference in baby’s activity levels too. The kicking is really getting a lot stronger and she is moving a lot. Over the course of a day, she seems to like to spin around so that she can distribute the kicks equally between my bladder and my stomach! I am not complaining though. After waiting so long to finally feel her kick, I must admit, I’m really loving all these movements.

This was a very difficult week in a lot of ways. I was away for a couple of days attending a funeral, and I found the emotion of it overwhelming at times. At night in my hotel room, I listened to my Gentlebirth tracks, and felt the gentle little movements of my baby, and took the time to remind myself to appreciate the good things in life like those little kicks. In a few short months, this pregnancy will be over and, as we intend this to be our last baby, I won’t experience these sensations again, so I’m trying to preserve them in my memory.

Back at home this week, we have been getting our heads around the idea of having a little girl. We had to start with picking a name. In the weeks since we found out, we have been shortlisting girls’ names that we both liked. After a few days, we had a list of about 15 names. We took a break from discussing it, and then one night I found myself dreaming of our little girl and in my dream, she had been given one of the names from the list. The next day, I mentioned it to Charlie and he asked “Was it this name, because it keeps popping into my head?” And it was. So it seems that the decision has been made for us. The same name kept coming back to both of us, so we’re taking it as a sign that it’s the name. And since then, we’ve been referring to baby by her name, and it feels right. And somehow, naming her makes her feel more real.

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  1. The name is decided, so exciting, I can’t wait to find out what it is in March 😀

    • Or April Julie! I have to keep reminding myself that she could well be born any time up to April 12th.

  2. So very hard to get through something emotional like a funeral when you’re pregnant, hope you’re OK. Very exciting news about the name!

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