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Posted by on Nov 9, 2010 in Life |

Paracetamol Panic

Paracetamol Panic

There were two big stories about paracetamol and babies in the news today.

The first was this one, which says that use of paracetamol products is linked to asthma in children: Paracetamol: A Bitter Pill

And the second was this one, which says that Painkillers in Pregnancy are linked to sex organ problems in baby boys.

Both of these stories are disturbing. The first because I regularly give Little Man a spoonful of Calpol when he is teething badly. If I can’t give him paracetamol when he is in pain, what can I give him? Baby Neurofen is an option, but that is supposed to worse side effects, including stomach problems.

The second story is disturbing for much the same reason. There are very few pain relief options available to you when you are pregnant. I know when I was pregnant, I suffered with very bad headaches towards the end of the first trimester. I did everything I could not to take pain relief. Cold facecloths on my forehead, taking a nap, drinking glasses of water. But a few times during the pregnancy, I took some paracetamol. And I felt safe doing so.

And with these stories, I’m never sure how seriously you should take them. Is it just another version of the great wine debate (this week a glass of wine a week in pregnancy is beneficial, last week it was poison!)?

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