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Posted by on Apr 13, 2011 in Love | 7 comments

Now what is it?

Now what is it?

photo: SuperFantasticI am sick of crèche-itis. Not that Little Man has actually come down with something right now. He’s actually doing well this week. But there are notices up in the crèche warning us to be on the look out for hand, foot, and mouth virus, and for chicken pox, both of which are doing the rounds there at the moment. It’s always something. So now, I’m like a woman on a mission. Is that just a teething rash from all the dribbling, or is it the beginnings of a contagious blister?! In my mind, it’s not a case of if he gets one of these viruses, but when he gets them. At least that’s what my experience with crèche-itis has been so far!

I keep reminding myself of our GP’s advice the last time I had Little Man in for a check-up. He told me that he’s going to get sick while his immune system is building up, but that after a while, his immune system will be stronger, and he’ll get sick less and less. And I understand that, I really do. But it’s hard. So excuse me for a minute while I…aaaaarrrgggghhhhh!

That’s better. Just needed to get that out of my system.

Just because Little Man was sick for the long week at Halloween, sick for Christmas, sick for my brother and his wife’s visit home…that’s no reason to think he’ll be sick for Easter right? Right?


  1. Nope, no reason at all!!! Here’s hoping the last bout was the final one to kick start the immune system

  2. ha, Lisa! Five times tombs up for this post!!!

    Just make a big plans of staying home and doing nothing for the long weekend then your Little man will be in perfect shape…

    All the same story here, two days in the creche and we treat coughs, runny nose or something else for the rest of the week.. But I just bite my lip and bring him to the creche next week. Let’s be positive, the creche immunes our kids not only to bacterias but to society. The two of many things they will have to adjust at some stage of they lives.

    • You’re right! And I like that idea of making them immune to bacteria AND society! 🙂

  3. Hahaha! It’s true that he probably will get sick more often in the next year or so (as he has done already), but the doctor is right. Miss M is hardly ever sick and she’s ten. The last time she was at the GP, it was for an ingrown toenail. And most of the time, it is teething, isn’t it? I can’t wait until all the damn teeth are through….!

    • Yes, Little Man cut four molars in the past couple of weeks, so teeth definitely have a lot to answer for.

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