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Posted by on Feb 6, 2011 in Life, Play, Reviews | 5 comments

Mammies Xtreme Day Out!

Mammies Xtreme Day Out!

Every month or two I have a night out with the girls from the local breastfeeding group, and the Mammies and Babies group that I meet for coffee each week. This night out usually involves dinner and drinks (lots and lots of drinks), and the other halves are on babysitting duties for the night. It’s great. On our last night out, one of the girls, Carol, suggested that we organise a Mammies Day Out at our local centre. Having consumed many glasses of wine, we all chimed in that it was a fantastic idea! Let’s do it! We hadn’t really thought it through though. Carol is a brilliant organiser, so before any of us could even recover from the night out, she had put her organisation skills to work, and the day was planned.

I must admit, I was pretty apprehensive this morning, and while it was all very good in theory, this Mammy’s Xtreme Day Out no longer seemed like that great a plan. Especially when I looked out the window and saw that it was lashing rain and very very windy! I kept checking my phone, more than half hoping the guys at would send a text saying that there had been a terrible mistake, and only a lunatic could go outside in weather like that. This is Ireland though, and let’s face it – no outdoor adventure centre is going to last a week if the owners only open when the sun is shining.

So off we trekked. We had signed up for everything – as you do when you plan these things after several glasses of wine! Everything included a giant swing, some aerial trekking, ziplining, abseiling, wall climbing, and archery! I was having second, third and fourth thoughts about it as we walked up the hill towards the aerial trekking platform.

I won’t say it was easy, but oh my god, we had so much fun today! And I took loads and loads of video. A few of the Mammies are calling over tomorrow to help me pick out the best bits and put it to music for our (and your) amusement, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow evening to see just how good it was. For now, I’ll leave you with a little taster – that first sight of the aerial trekking platform as we made our way towards it!

The aerial trekking platform - looking very high and very cold!


  1. I’m still grinning thinking about today 🙂

    • Me too Carol – it was brilliant!

  2. Hi Lisa,

    it’s fantastic when Google sends me mails each day giving details of when we at are mentioned anywhere on the web and this morning was no exception. Google emailed link to you here where I read your report on us.

    Thanks so much for your very positive feedback and we are delighted to see you enjoyed your experience so much.

    We are adding new activities and improving the site each month as we are still only new ourselves. So be sure to visit us again.

    Also, just a little note we are – Extreme Ireland are a different company that do hiking and sight seeing tours. Nice people but it is confusing!

    Thanks again!


    • Thanks Simon – I’ll be sure to fix the reference to Extreme Ireland – sorry, I didn’t realise there was a difference!

      We’re already planning a paintballing expedition once you have that up and running this summer. You have a fantastic facility there, and looked after us really well for the day, so we’ll definitely be back!

  3. We should have a mother and daughter day out there soon. Maybe when Julie is home!

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