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Posted by on Apr 14, 2011 in Play, Reviews | 6 comments

Isn’t that a pip?!

Isn’t that a pip?!

It’s finally happened! The BBC have released an In the Night Garden app for the iPhone and iPad. And it’s wonderful! Do you want to dance with Iggle Piggle or play with the Tombliboos? I do!

There are two main activities in the app – Dancing and Hiding. If you select Dancing, you can choose to watch Iggle Piggle, Makka Pakka, or Upsy Daisy dance. Little Man’s favourite is Iggle Piggle, but mine is definitely Makka Pakka!

Who do you want to dance?

Dance Makka Pakka!

The Hiding activity is much more interactive. You can play with all of the characters. Little Man helped the Pontipines find their missing children, he located Upsy Daisy’s bed, he found the Tombliboos and their trousers, and he assembled Makka Pakka’s Og Pog. What a busy boy!

Who is hiding?

Can you find the Tombliboos?

The only thing I am disappointed about with this app is that it wasn’t a universal app. We had to buy it separately for the iPad and for the iPhone, which is very annoying.

That’s my only complaint though. Whoever designed this app knows how toddlers work! Little Man just loves it, and with minimal instruction, he had no problems using it. I was amazed how well he was able to point to the Pontipines and the Tombliboos to bring them out of hiding. And he was delighted, clapping as he found each one!

UPDATE: April 26, 2011: Read all about the update to this app: Time to wash some faces


  1. Sounds like the app Little Man has been waiting for, he loves In the Night Garden 🙂

  2. Absolutely Jules! I doubt Charlie and I will be allowed near the iPad again without saying hi to Iggle Piggle!

  3. Oh Chloe loves Makka Pakka, it used to be Iggle Piggle but now it’s all about Makka Pakka!

    Will be sure to get this for those need-to-distract-Chloe moments when out and about!

    Thanks xx

  4. Its all the practice he got playing hide and seek with Grandad last week that has him so good at this game

  5. If your little fella is still into In the night garden I have a couple of dvds you can have if you like mine dont like it anymore. e mail me if you’d like them 🙂

    • Thanks for the offer Corrina, but Peppa Pig has stolen his heart these days! 🙂 We have quite a few In The Night Garden DVDs ourselves that are no longer really watched. Sometimes I miss Iggle Piggle.

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