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Posted by on Apr 27, 2013 in Life | 6 comments

Four weeks old

Four weeks old

Little Woman is four weeks old today. Again I find myself comparing this stage with her to the same stage with Little Man. The weekend Little Man turned four weeks old was my lowest point after he was born. Feeding was so sore, and his refusal to latch was so frustrating for both of us, I just didn’t know if I could continue.

I feel so far beyond that stage this time around. Feeding is going so well. Little Woman is thriving and I am healing. The Jack Newman All Purpose Nipple Ointment is working its magic and that crack that was causing me so much pain is healing finally. Today we went to a local shopping centre, and I fed Little Woman in a coffee shop. I was a bit nervous feeding in public, but afterwards I was delighted to have done it.

Sleep is hit and miss with us. Little Woman seems to have a pattern of feed, feed, feed, feed, feed one day followed by sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep the following day. It’s not bad actually because just when I’m starting to feel sorry for my sleep deprived self, there’s a chance to catch up.

Those feeding days were quite fussy days this week. I’m not sure if she was suffering from wind or growing pains or just plain hunger, but she was a squirming, uncomfortable mess in the evenings of those days.

And the following days when she was sleepy, she was calm and alert for a little while after her feeds, happy to be put down and allowed to kick and stretch out her legs.

I haven’t had her weighed this week but it’s obvious she’s grown. I’ve been pushing it a little to keep her in the newborn clothes this long. It’s time to move up to the 0-3 month clothes. Our Little Woman is getting bigger. 🙂



  1. Ahhh, cuteness overload!! So glad the cream is helping xx

    • I am shocked at how much of a difference it has made Emily. The crack is still really noticeable. I’d say it will take a couple of weeks to heal fully because it was so deep. But the pain is gone and that makes all the difference.

  2. That’s brilliant Lisa, sounds like things are going well now with your gorgeous Little Woman 🙂

  3. Wonderful news. So happy feeding is getting better and your poor boobs are too. My little one seems to do the one day sleepy, one day not pattern too. It is rather odd so glad to hear it’s not just us!
    Jenny recently posted..My boy, the artistMy Profile

    • I think I jinxed us by saying that she has a sleepy day after her wakeful days! We’re on our third wakeful day in a row here. Of course maybe we’ll get three sleepy days in a row next!

  4. I feel a little jealous of Little Woman…Imagine if you could eat loads one day and then sleep loads the next…Only joking! Can’t believe she’s a month old already and really glad that the cream worked, Lisa.

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