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Posted by on Jul 16, 2013 in Life |

Fifteen weeks old

Fifteen weeks old

Fifteen weeks old and another milestone this week. All week Little Woman was trying her best to roll from her back to her front. Even if we put her down on her front, she rolled straight on to her back, and then the struggles started again as she tried to get from there to her front again. She is determined, I’ll give her that. Her pesky shoulder kept getting in the way.

Then on Thursday night we took a trip to visit my parents and not five minutes after we arrived, she rolled over from her back to her front. She was beaming! Absolutely delighted with herself.

The heatwave that we’ve been experiencing has affected her a bit. She is extra thirsty. So much so that I’ve had to change our feeding pattern. One side per feed won’t do. Can’t say I blame her – I’ve been extra thirsty myself in the heat. A couple of people have asked if I’ve needed to give the baby water in the heat, but thankfully that’s not necessary with breastfeeding. I can just offer her extra feeds instead. I’ve definitely reached that point in our feeding journey where every day I’m grateful by just how easy it is now.

Another side effect of the heat is that she’s been having lovely long naps in the daytime – the heat wipes her out in the afternoon. Any inclination that she was showing towards an earlier bedtime has been completely thrown out by this. Instead of winding down, she’s really just waking up at about 7 or 8pm, and it’s between 11 and 12 at night before she falls into a deep sleep. I don’t mind though. This is a once in a blue moon kind of summer, so the last thing I am going to do is complain about it!

I’ve been absolutely delighted by it instead. Talk about an amazing summer to be on maternity leave. Not much else to report for this week. We’ve been too busy enjoying the weather to get up to any mischief!


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