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Posted by on Aug 5, 2013 in Life | 2 comments

Eighteen Weeks Old

Eighteen Weeks Old

It’s official. We have a new bedtime. It’s been over a week now and our little girl has been going down for the night around 8pm. I don’t know myself having my evenings back. It’s been so long! And milestone of milestones, we even managed a night out. My parents babysat and Charlie and I went for dinner.

I’ve noticed Little Man is playing a lot more with his sister now that she is interacting more. If I put her on her playmat she manoeuvres so that she can see him. She can turn herself in a circle very quickly now. I’ve even noticed her trying to get her knees under her. Her arm strength is letting her down though! For now!

No other big changes this week. She’s started watching intently if I’m eating, but she’s not sitting yet so I don’t think there’ll be any problems with waiting until six months to introduce solid food as planned.



  1. It’s so lovely when you finally get to the stage when you can put them to bed and have a little bit of time for yourself. That’s a lovely picture of them. They will give you plenty of smiles when you watch them play together.
    Dawn Frazier recently posted..Differences between boys and girlsMy Profile

    • Thanks Dawn. I love watching their sibling relationship develop.

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