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Posted by on Apr 28, 2012 in Play | 3 comments

Egg carton raft

Egg carton raft

Inspired by MollyMoo’s Egg Carton Raft, we decided to make our own variation of an egg carton raft this weekend.

Following the basic form demonstrated by MollyMoo, we created our raft by gluing lollipop sticks to the base of the egg carton. I made a mistake here and painted the egg carton first and then lacked the patience to wait for the paint to dry, which meant this was a really messy process!


At about this point I realised I had no idea how to attach a boom to the lollipop stick mast. So I changed tactic and suggested to Little Man that we make a man for the raft instead. With the help of some multi-colored pipe cleaners we had a sailor for our raft in just a few minutes. A spare piece of egg carton formed his head and some scrunched up pipe cleaner became his crazy hair.


The end result was a far cry from MollyMoo’s version. But we had fun making it nonetheless!

Shame about the mess we made along the way. Course that’s all part of the fun, isn’t it? 🙂



  1. Is that grandad on his sailing trip? 😉

  2. Ooooh Mama I love it. The red colour on the egg carton is fab. I bought a hot glue gun about a month ago and have never looked back – perfect for gluing masts ‘and stuff’, dries in seconds. Hope your little sailor reaches land soon – only problem with this raft is you can’t take into the bath 🙁

    •  I definitely need to invest in one I think. We could definitely have done with one this weekend. 🙂

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