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Posted by on Oct 28, 2013 in Life, Love | 23 comments

Approaching the end

I’ve been quiet lately I know. It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say. Life has been busy and full and there’s lots I could write about. It’s just… Every time I start to compose a post, I get distracted by something. A calendar date. The last week of November looms. My return to work.

That makes it sound like it’s the work I’m dreading, which isn’t the case. I happen to like my job and I work with great people, so I’ve no worries there. It’s more the ending of my maternity leave that leaves a lump in my throat.

I look at my baby and she is just that – a baby. Somehow in the next month, I have to prepare myself to hand her over to someone else to be cared for. And I have to prepare her to be handed over.

I worry how she’ll cope with this change. I worry that she’ll be upset settling in to crΓ¨che. I worry about what she’ll drink during the day when we’re apart. Bottles aren’t her forte. I wonder if she’ll nap in a cot, in a room with other babies. I wonder who will comfort her when she cries.

It all just seems so soon. And so I’m quiet on this blog as the last days of maternity leave rush by. And I take my time in these few weeks, and rather than composing posts, I’m sneaking extra cuddles instead.


  1. I completely understand. My return to work date is January, should have been December but thankfully I had built up my holidays. It’s been weighing heavily on my mind for ages now and like you, I like my job but its leaving my little boy behind thats getting me. I feel like I’m going to miss out on so much with him when I go back to work πŸ™

    • Oh yes! I know the feeling. They’re just so little. It would be lovely to have a few more months with them at home.

  2. You are right – enjoy every minute of those cuddles. And it will all go perfectly in the end, but it’s never easy in those last few weeks. Plan something lovely for you and your family a few weeks after you go back, so you have something to look forward to. And be kind to yourself!
    office mum recently posted..Third manMy Profile

    • That’s good advice Office Mum. I think I’ll do just that.

  3. Oh Lisa, lots of love and energy your way. Let the blog sit while you spend every precious second with your sweet one xxxx every good thought your way xxxx
    Emily recently posted..Reflections of AutumnMy Profile

  4. Enjoy yer time together…….I’m not long after u πŸ™ weeks just fly by!!!! πŸ™

    • It’s scary really how fast it goes by.

  5. It is as we see an end approaching that we are aware of the speed of time. I feel for you, it must be so very difficult. Enjoy the here and now and try to live it in the here and now. I hope the first days go smoothly, to make the transition easier for you both.
    tric recently posted..Words UnspokenMy Profile

    • Oh gosh I’m sure you understand the speed of time even more than me with what you’ve been going through Tric. Thank you.

  6. Enjoy it, Lisa. Best of luck with it all. x

  7. Aww, it’s sad to think about the end of maternity leave, isn’t it? I am in exactly the same position. It’s sad but I’m sure it’ll be fine. Babies are massively adaptable. She (and you) will cope!
    Jenny recently posted..A taste of independenceMy Profile

    • You’re right jenny. In six months time this will be a distant memory. For now though it’s not pleasant.

  8. Oh Lisa! Sneak in all those cuddles! My heart goes out to you, I know how hard and how lovely these last few weeks are. Enjoy every second of it xxxxx
    Mind The Baby recently posted..GrievingMy Profile

    • Thanks MTB. I intend to make the most of it.

  9. Enjoy all the cuddles and get in as many as you can. The time has really flown. {{{{sending big hugs to you!}}}

    • Thanks Sinead. It really has gone quickly hasn’t it?

  10. Oh Lisa, you’re absolutely right. I hope the transition is as smooth as can be, will be thinking of you both!x

  11. It is really quite tough for working mom to handle both (the job and the children). I worship Almighty God to care and bless you and your little child and your family. Please take care.

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