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Posted by on Aug 9, 2011 in Play |

App review: Spot the dot

App review: Spot the dot

Spot the Dot is an app created by Ruckus Media, in conjunction with children’s author David A. Carter. At its essence, this app asks children to “spot the dot”, using their finger to point out particular coloured dots on screen.

The app is colourful and vibrant. Visually, Little Man found it very appealing. At first you are required to spot the red dot, which Little Man did with ease. And then as you progress you are asked to find different coloured dots. I think it is geared at an older child, because it didn’t hold Little Man’s interest for long enough for find all of the coloured dots on the screen below.

Colourful imagery on the app

As you complete the tasks on each screen, you move to a new scene, and a new task with a greater level of difficulty. For example, in the screen below, you must tap each square to reveal what’s behind it and then tap the red dot when you find it. Little Man definitely didn’t see the point to this one!

Can you find the yellow dot?

For an older toddler or child, however, I’d imagine that this little app could present an enjoyable game, full of shapes and colour, with lots of challenges along the way.

Can you find the blue dot?

For now, I think this is an app that we’ll store until Little Man is a bit older. I think we’ll try it out again in about six months time. Right now at 21 months, it’s too confusing for him.

If you have an older child, however, and are interested in trying out Spot the Dot for yourself, it’s available here on iTunes for €2.99.

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