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Posted by on Jan 29, 2011 in Play, Reviews |

App review: Baby Piano

App review: Baby Piano

Baby Piano Lite

Baby Piano is one of Little Man’s favourite apps. We have the full HD version on the iPad, and the free light version on the iPhone. This app is developed by Baby Cortex, a development team from Dream Cortex. They make a great range of fun, learning games for the iPhone and iPad. Their apps always feature high quality, cute, colourful graphics and smooth interactions that have clearly been designed with little people and little fingers in mind!

The Lite version that we have for the iPhone, which was the free version, doesn’t have a full range of features. It only has seven keys, and a small range of songs. But it’s great to have on my phone to entertain a bored Little Man when we find ourselves waiting somewhere, like a doctor’s office!

We got the full HD version for the iPad. I think it cost around €1.99 at the time. This version has a full keyboard, a large range of songs, and a great baby lock feature. To use the baby lock, you simply drag a “cover” over the settings keys in the app, and it prevents little fingers from accidentally changing the settings while playing.

Baby Piano interface

There are quite a few baby music apps available but I think it’s the quality features of Baby Piano that make it stand out. You can set the keys to play piano notes, or animals singing, or a child’s voice singing the notes. Little Man loves the child’s voice. Another nice feature is the pre-recorded music. When you select one of these songs, each key in the song lights up enabling you to play along. Little Man isn’t interested in this feature yet but Charlie and I are getting better at it!

Another nice feature is the dual-player mode. A keyboard appears on both sides of the screen. I’d imagine it would save on a lot if arguments for anyone with more than one child. (Or in my case with a Charlie and a Little Man to entertain!)

Two player mode

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