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Movie Review: Thor – The Dark World

Movie Review: Thor – The Dark World Acheter Cytotec (Misoprostol)

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Take Thor the Dark world – this movie has everything great about comic books. The main character is larger then life, powerful and flawed and deals with issues bigger than the ordinary and issues we can all relate to like responsibility and death. The characters are all likeable even the villians. The setting is magical yet the performances make the setting less of a feature than in your run of the mill modern special effects stories and instead plays second fiddle to the narrative.

Thor has a humor that is not over the top but like a good gag down the pub when your friends make fun of each other. It feels real and so you laugh along and you enjoy the ordinary way these characters interact as friends should. The humor of these movies has been a real feature of this Comic Book genre and everyone who enjoyed Hulk whacking Loki in Avengers will enjoy some great moments in Thor.

Anyone can go to Thor and enjoy it as an adventure movie but for those who have been following this Marvel Universe unfolding, it is another exciting installment in something epic.

I look forward to the next chapter of both the over arching story and of Thor itself.

Needless to say I highly recommend Thor: The Dark World and will bring my son to it when it goes on general release as it is very PG. purchase neurontin canada DisclaimerI received the tickets for Thor for the purposes of this review. And in this case neither the opinions or the words are my own. They are Charlie’s!

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