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Co-sleeping made easy

Co-sleeping made easy

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achatcytotec After the initial setup that was it. The cosleeper was solid and sturdy. I used to check every so often that it was still securely attached to the bed, but it was. There were never any issues with it. cheap generic femara Cytotec (Misoprostol) Kaufen

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    • If I had my time over Aedín I’d probably side car the cot from the start.

  1. We, of course, did things back to front: I co-slept for the first few months until they were starting to move a bit themselves, then we put a small bed beside ours, secured to ours (it’s a lovely ancient 100 year old bed, and high enough to be on the same level as ours) it has been brilliant, and our little man regularly climbs in for a nurse at night, and then when I make him too hot, rolls into his own space :-) Great review!
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  2. Great review. I’m not nervous about bedsharing, having done it the first time around but I am a little confused about what our configuration is going to be with a newborn and potentially a toddler. Talitha doesn’t sleep with us now but I can see her wanting to get back into bed with us when the baby is born.

    • We found that in the morning time, our little boy wanted to get into bed with everyone. It was fine because we weren’t really asleep. So I just kept the baby on one side of me, between me and the cosleeper, and him in the middle between me and my husband.

      After a few weeks the phase passed and he didn’t want to climb in with us anymore. I think it was just reassurance he wanted.

  3. Hi I just want to enquire about the height adjustability of this co-sleeper?

    We moved into a new house a year ago and bought a bed which is quite high (top of mattress is 65cm off the ground. We were then advised by a sales assistant in a shop which sold co-sleepers that having a co-sleeper which is not exactly level with the top of the mattress is considered dangerous for the baby.

    We recently took the wheels off the bed base but there is still a 12 cm difference between the height of the co-sleeper we had been looking at and that of the bed!

    • As far as I know they sell leg extensions to raise the height of the co-sleeper.

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